What is the meaning of life? Unveiling the wonders and mysteries...

Who am I?

Even though we are born with a physical body, in reality, we are spiritual beings. The body is just a vehicle for us to live on earth and train ourselves through the various experiences in life to become better, happier and more enlightened people. We are more than a physical body which turns to ashes and dust after death; within us lies a bright and shining nature or 'Divine/ Buddha' Nature within.

What is the purpose of life?

This material world that we all live in is only a temporary place for us to learn and evolve. Life is a workbook where each page and chapter has various precious lessons for us to learn from and experience. Through this great journey we can raise our awareness, evolve and discover genuine happiness. Then we can share what we have attained, help others, our society and the world.

When we realise our reason for living on earth, important thing is how much experience we can acquire during this lifetime so that we can progress & elevate our state of mind. If we view life in this way, we can find Happiness in any circumstance.

What happens at the end of life?

Everybody must eventually leave this world. But what is beyond the veils of death? The truth is: death is not the end but just a beginning to life in the Real World.

The spiritual world is a multi-dimensional world of thought. After we leave this world we go to a world that matches our state of mind or level of love and enlightenment. The more we manifest our true nature as a child of Buddha, the higher we will rise and the happier we will be. Human beings reincarnate over and over as spiritual training. Knowing this and understanding the reality and structure of the spiritual world will help us make a conscious choice in the way we live, work and think to ensure happiness here and hereafter.

Exploration of the right mind leads to true happiness

"The Exploration of the Right Mind" is in fact, an "Exploration of the Principals of Happiness".

It is the study, deep understanding and practice of the Fourfold Path comprised of the four principles of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress. They are called the modern Four Noble Truths.

"Right Mind" is the state of mind which is in tune with our original nature, a mind that leads one to happiness; it is the mind of love, the mind of wisdom, the mind of self-reflection and the mind of progress.

How can I be truly happy in life? Introducing The Fourfold Path

The Fourfold Path is the basic core-teaching of Happy Science: the principles of love, wisdom, self-reflection and progress. It is a proven method that leads us to a state of genuine happiness.

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