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Master Ryuho Okawa has already published over 500 books and is continuing to publish more at an astonishing rate. His books include a broad variety of subjects such as the spirit world, self-help, philosophy, business success, healing, and effective ways to be happier in life. Some have been translated into English like the two popular books that contains our core-teachings:

The Laws of the Sun and The Laws of Eternity .

We also have a wide-range of publications in 12 languages.

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The Happy Science Monthly

Each month, we print Happy Science Monthly for the worldwide English reading audience that contains Master Okawa’s lectures and the latest world news. Plus there are interesting life experiences, reviews and much more. You can pick up the latest issue from your nearest branch or even make a subscription to have your copy sent to you.

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Witness creation of the universe and Learn the truth of who you are. See the creation of life on earth and venture through five civilizations. Know the contents of Buddha’s enlightenment and find out about the Golden Age. In this unforgettable movie Laws of the Sun will take you on a wonderful spiritual journey of awakening to the Truth of who we are, where life came from and where we will go to based on our mind and soul’s progress.

Experience a magnificent journey through the multi-dimensional universe. This movie will take us on a beautiful and heartwarming journey through the realms of Heaven, Angels and Buddhas. What is the structure of the Universe? How does heaven look like? And how do we get there? What happens after we die? The Laws of Eternity will reveal the fascinating truth about the Other World, describing it’s dimensions, structure, characteristics, and the laws governing this world (earth) and the other world. Join us for an unforgettable journey through space and time! Experience the manifold levels of enlightenment and understand the criteria to enter the different realms of heaven

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