To help our members find Happiness, Serenity Within and deepen their faith and enlightenment we have a structured 6 month study curriculum "Essence of Happy Science" conducted in 3 levels. This is a wonderful way for our friendship members to gain a birdís eye overview to the entire breadth and depth of Happy Science teachings that will become an invaluable guide in their daily lives.

This new special study curriculum will allow you to acquire knowledge and develop wisdom to lead a happier, healthier and more successful life for you and your family. In addition we hope that through this course you will also progress in your journey towards deeper faith, wisdom and enlightenment and attain true serenity within.

A new programme to train leader members to become lay lecturers will also begin in 2010. This course will be structured in three levels with an exam and certificate awarded at the end of each level. Level 1 focuses on mastery of basic truth, level 2 will develop skills to use the Truth to solve your own problems and level 3 will enable you to apply the Truth to help others solve their problems.

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